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Before we get started let’s look at Clarksville first. The little river town of Clarksville has enjoyed a renaissance in recent years. Located on the banks of the Mississippi River, Clarksville is is a city in Pike County, Missouri, USA.

A revitalized downtown business district that boasts being the only downtown business district in the state of Missouri that still faces the Mississippi River features antique shops, specialty shops, and shops occupied by working artisans practicing their traditional skills. Every winter the town becomes on of the prime eagle watching sites in the Middle Mississippi Valley.

Founded in 1817 by immigrants from Tennessee, Kentucky, and Virginia, the town is named after either George Rogers Clark, a Revolutionary War hero, or his younger brother, William, of the Lewis and Clark expedition fame.

In the years up to 1879 Clarksville became a busy river port and was once called Appletown by the rivermen because so many apples were shipped from the town. The arrival of the railroad in 1879 shifted the economic emphasis from the river and Clarksville entered a golden age with many improvements being made to the town.clarksville view

Like many small towns in rural America Clarksville’s economy began to deteriorate. In the late 1980’s a group of artists and businessmen began a project, Main Street Clarksville, to rehabilitate the downtown business district. Due to their efforts buildings were bought and rehabilitated, and the downtown area was placed on the National Register of Historical Places in 1991. Main Street Clarksville also made a conscience effort to attract unique businesses to the area that complemented each other and that offered goods that are distinctive, of high quality, and that visitors can’t get anywhere else.

An active recruitment program during recent years has brought a number of creative people who have relocated to Clarksville and helped enlarge its artistic community. A walking tour of Clarksville booklet containing information about Clarksville historic buildings and churches is available in most shops and the Visitors Center.

In the winter of 2004, the Missouri Department of Conversation recognized the Clarksville area as the most outstanding locale for nature tourism in the state. Just north of Clarksville and located on the Mississippi Flyway is the Ted Shanks Conservation Area with 6,705 acres of wetlands that attracts waterfowl and other birds during the spring and fall migrations. The World Bird Sanctuary in St. Louis, Missouri has called Clarksville "the eagle viewing capitol of the United States."

Clarksville, MO is on a National Scenic Byway and lies halfway between Canada and the Gulf of Mexico, halfway between Hannibal and St. Louis, MO and is near the Clarence Cannon Dam and Mark Twain Lake.

In addition to its location on the the Little Dixie Highway of the Great River Road, Clarksville is also the anchor of a state scenic byway that starts just south of downtown and winds it way on Route W to Paynesville and then onto Route WW through Edgewood to US Highway 61. Cyclists can enjoy great views on a new 10-mile bike trail that parallels Route 79 and the Mississippi river between Clarksville and Louisiana.

Unhurried… Unspoiled… Uncommon…This City, located in Pike County, is also one of the largest winter migrating areas for the Bald Eagle.  Clarksville is filled with artists, potters, glass blowers, jewelry designers, antique dealers, furniture makers, and specialty craftsmen. [Next]

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